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Freshness and liveliness

gold medal gilbert & gaillard or 2022 Roche Mazet sauvignon vin blanc


Roche Mazet
Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Concours Gilbert & Gaillard 2022
Bouteille sauvignon
A word from the winemaker :
A pleasant, lively, elegant, fruity and fresh wine.
— Thomas L.

Nothing stops this variety !

Originally from Bordeaux, Sauvignon has been crossing borders for a very long time. It is the third most cultivated variety for white wine making in France, and thrives far and wide abroad, for example in South Africa, Australia and even New Zealand, where it is immensely successful. It is related to Cabernet Sauvignon, but has a quite unique character making well-structured, sinewy wines, packed with aroma.

Meticulous selection

In Pays d’Oc, this variety with its strong character has found terroirs that enable it to live up to its reputation. Roche Mazet selects wines from plots on the regions terraces with different traits that enhance the quality of the blends. This Sauvignon varietal, clearly branded Roche Mazet, is a carefully and accurately constituted mosaic that demonstrates all the aromatic breadth of this grape variety.

An invigorating experience

Roche Mazet Sauvignon has a bright pale yellow robe with green tints. On the nose, delicate aromas abound of white flowers, boxwood and exotic fruits. On the palate, it is well-balanced, elegant and very lively and fresh.


Served chilled at 9°C (48°F), this dry white wine with its lovely balanced fruit can be served as an aperitif and is an ideal match for shellfish platters, grilled fish, as well as desserts such as red fruit tarts. For fans of Japanese food, Roche Mazet Sauvignon is also a great choice, especially if sushi is on the menu !

greatfood ideas


Asparagus salad: the Sauvignon’s lively taste marries well with the green aromas of the asparagus.


Fruit salad: the exotic fruit aromas of the Sauvignon will mingle with the fruits in the salad. Just like the dessert, a glass of Sauvignon provides very pleasant freshness in summer.


Sushi: the fresh, lively and aromatic Sauvignon goes perfectly with raw fish.

Plat avec vin sauvignon

Pays d’Oc is a vast mosaic of wine growing situations and conditions.
Roche Mazet picks out the places where the best of each grape variety is expressed and carefully blends them together with respect and great passion.

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