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Freshness and generosity

gold medal gilbert & gaillard 2022


Roche Mazet
Merlot Rosé 2021

Concours Gilbert & Gaillard or 2022
merlot rosé
A word from the winemaker :
A well-balanced, generous and lively wine.
— Thomas L.

Merlot with pink tints

Merlot is an undisputed contributor to great red wines, but it can also be used to make fresh and fruity rosés. The outcomes can in fact be extremely convincing with wines that are recognisable by their discrete colour with salmon-pink tints.

Different terroirs growing a single variety

Although it didn’t originate in the south of France, the Merlot variety benefits from the very positive weather conditions here to make great rosé wines. Roche Mazet, seeking to bring out the best of this grape variety, has selected wines from the different parts of Pays d’Oc, which each contribute their own aromatic touch. Roche Mazet blends these together to produce a very rich, genuinely distinctive Merlot Rosé.

Its only drawback is that you want more !

Roche Mazet Merlot Rosé displays a bright, clear robe of delicate pink. Its appealing nose features fruit aromas of strawberry and apricot, as well as floral hints of rose and acacia. On the palate, it forms a balance of freshness and roundness.


Served chilled between 8° et 10°C (46° to 50°F), this very elegant, lively wine is an ideal companion for starters, marinated grills, gratineed vegetables and red fruit desserts.

greatfood ideas


Duckling with peas : the fruity Merlot Rosé is a perfect pairing for this flavoursome meat dish.


Salmon and leek quiche : the freshness of the Merlot Rosé will perfectly highlight the softness of this delicious quiche.


Rose macaroons : with its soft, floral hints the Merlot Rosé is a very tasteful match for these amazing macaroons.

Plat merlot rosé 2

Pays d’Oc is a vast mosaic of wine growing situations and conditions.
Roche Mazet picks out the places where the best of each grape variety is expressed and carefully blends them together with respect and great passion.

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