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Elegance and balance

medal or Concours International des cabernets 2022

Gold Medal

Roche Mazet
Cabernet-Sauvignon 2021

Concours International des cabernets 2022
Bouteille cabernet sauvignon
A word from the winemaker :
A rich and round well-balanced wine with good structure.
— Thomas L.

Fruit from a fluke of nature

Cabernet Sauvignon finds great potential for expression in Pays d’Oc, but the variety in fact originated in Bordeaux. It is recognised the world over and is part of the blend of many great wines. It came about when two other grape varieties, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc were crossed by chance. Nature sometimes works in mysterious ways; Roche Mazet knows this and has succeeded in getting the very best from it.

The very best of a great grape variety

Cabernet Sauvignon is known for its concentrated well-structured wines with intense colour and red fruit aromas. When it is grown in Languedoc-Roussillon, it expresses all its strong points with a great deal of elegance. Roche Mazet selects wines from the areas where Cabernet Sauvignon expresses its best on the hills and plains of Pays d’Oc, thereby offering a blend that brings out the full aromatic range of this great variety, enhanced by being aged in wood.

Intense experience

The Roche Mazet Cabernet Sauvignon varietal displays an intense red robe with lovely ruby tints. It is aged in wood and has a silky, well-balanced structure. Aromas of blackcurrant, cherry and truffle on the nose mingle with hints of vanilla. Elegance is the keynote on the palate throughout the whole tasting experience with hints of red fruit and the characteristic Roche Mazet woodiness on the finish.


Serve this wine at 16°C (61°F) and its lovely structure will be a perfect match for cold meats and garlic sausage, red meats, stews and goat’s cheeses or strong tasting cheeses such as Comté...

greatfood ideas


Lamb cutlets: the powerful flavour of the Cabernet Sauvignon will support the exuberant taste of the lamb.


Cold meats: the spicy, woody Cabernet Sauvignon will marry well with the smoky tastes of the cold meats.


Goat cheese tapas and gingerbread: Cabernet Sauvignon with its spicy and vanilla hints will soften the taste of the goat’s cheese and will provide a perfect match with the gingerbread.

Plat cabernet sauvignon

Pays d’Oc is a vast mosaic of wine growing situations and conditions.
Roche Mazet picks out the places where the best of each grape variety is expressed and carefully blends them together with respect and great passion.

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