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Respect of the environment

Our concern to limit the detrimental environmental and social impacts of our business is not just a question of fashion. It is a natural extension of our commitment to quality. We encourage and take innovative initiatives to promote a general awareness of the aims and purpose of sustainable development.

We also invite you to take part by appropriately sorting packaging and containers.

Prevention of risks connected with alcohol

In 1980, a committee of experts from the World Health Organisation determined that risks connected with alcohol are amplified once certain thresholds are exceeded. Taking this work into account, public authorities and public health organisations recommend that you should not consume more than :
• 2 units of alcohol per day if you are a woman
• 3 units of alcohol per day if you are a man
• 4 units of alcohol if you only consume them occasionally
• 0 units of alcohol if you are in a situation at risk (pregnancy, taking a course of drugs, etc.) and 0 units at least one day per week in all other situations.