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Fruity structure and lightness

gold medal Concours Gilbert & Gaillard 2022


Roche Mazet
Cinsault-grenache Rosé 2021

Concours Gilbert & Gaillard 2022
Bouteille cinsault grenache
A word from the winemaker :
A tasty, round, soft, fresh and fruity wine.
— Thomas L.

Cinsault meets Grenache

Grenache and Cinsault are two archetypal southern grape varieties. The former originated in Spain and has spread widely in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, while the latter comes from Provence, where it is used a lot to make rosé wines. Both varieties are naturally adapted to the sunny days we enjoy in Pays d’Oc. Together they are a perfect pair: the Grenache contributes structure and red fruit hints, while the Cinsault brings elegance and lightness.

A complementary combination of a balanced selection of wines

The combination of these two varieties works so well because they are perfectly complementary. The distinction of Roche Mazet’s Cinsault Grenache Rosé results from the expertise deployed in selecting and blending balanced wines into a well-proportioned whole. Both varieties are themselves blends of wines from different parts of Pays d’Oc and the resulting Roche Mazet Cinsault Grenache is a resounding success.

Balanced fruit and light above all

Roche Mazet Cinsault Grenache Rosé has a luminous pale pink robe. On the nose there are very elegant raspberry and strawberry aromas. It is lastingly fresh and light with spice on the finish and full of flavour.


Served chilled at 9°C (48°F), this light and elegant rosé wine is ideal with an aperitif as well as a perfect match for summer salads, paella, pan-fried scallops, grilled Mediterranean vegetables à la plancha and even red meats.

greatfood ideas


Red mullet with fennel: the freshness of the Cinsault Grenache Rosé will enhance the flavour of the red mullet and fennel.


Raw vegetable salad: the round Cinsault Grenache Rosé contrasts with the crunchy salad.


Roast beef or flank steak: the spicy finish of the Cinsault Grenache Rosé will sharpen the taste of these cuts.

Ambiance grenache

Pays d’Oc is a vast mosaic of wine growing situations and conditions.
Roche Mazet picks out the places where the best of each grape variety is expressed and carefully blends them together with respect and great passion.

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