Where can I buy Roche Mazet wines ?
We have no direct sales. You can find your nearest outlet in France with this link. If you are outside France, feel free to contact us.
How long can I keep a wine after opening it ?
Bottles for 2 to 3 days.
What does the name Roche Mazet mean ?
‘Roche’ is French for “rock” in reference to the clayey limestone soils of the Pays d'Oc region. ‘Mazet’ is a stone shelter for farmers, winegrowers and breeders, symbolising a person in the very middle of the vines.
How long can I keep an unopened bottle ?
Whites and rosés, 2 years. Reds, 3 years.
How long have Roche Mazet wines existed ?
Founded in 1998 inside Société des Vins de France, Roche Mazet’s sole ambition is to commercialise a well-made and affordable Pays d’Oc wine. The brand was launched in 1998 with a small range of two varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon. The range grew, adding new grape varieties and different formats. Today, Roche Mazet offers 7 varieties as still wines and 3 sparkling.
Where is the best place to keep my bottle of wine ?
The best is a cool place (12 -14°C or 53° to 57°F), with no light and no vibrations, which make wines age prematurely.
What are the conditions to be recognised as a PGI ?
PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) is an appellation that supersedes the previous Vin de Pays label and corresponds to a given area or territory, weather patterns, expertise and identity. The whole set of characteristics is assessed for a product by professionals (winegrowers, wine shop owners, sommeliers and oenologists), who recognise (or don’t recognise) its quality and the fact that it therefore belongs (or doesn’t belong) to the PGI in question.
What does the code made up of a letter and figures correspond to ?
It’s a batch number that enables us to trace all our products. The code contains the following information: L (batch) 1 (year) 001 (day) A (line) 01 (order). If you want to inform us of something about one of our wines, please quote this batch number in full.

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