Freshness and generosity

A word from the winemaker :
An aromatic, fresh, generous and mellow wine.
— Thomas L.
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A variety with many facets

“Muscat” usually refers to a family of grape varieties, whose fruit displays subtle musk fragrances, but Roche Mazet decided to make its Muscat Demi-Sec specifically from Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, a variety with characteristically small grapes. The variety originated in Greece, but has been exported to the entire Mediterranean area and today is grown along its coast, which is the case in Pays d’Oc. It owes its success to the many dry white wines and fortified vins doux naturels that are made from it, but it can also be used to make quite unique sparkling wines. When this variety sparkles, its bubbles express a complex range of aromas made up of floral and fruit-based hints.

Meticulous selection and careful blending

The Muscat à Petits Grains variety is well-known for the many wines that it produces, but also because of the selection and meticulous blending that it demands. To express all the Muscat qualities, Roche Mazet strives to blend together the best expressions of the variety by exploiting the Pays d’Oc’s mosaic of terroirs. It takes an early harvest and a second fermentation to produce the hallmark spritziness of Roche Mazet Muscat Demi-Sec with its delicate bubbles and musky aromas.

Tasty bubbles

Roche Mazet Muscat Demi-Sec displays a lovely pale yellow robe enhanced by a ballet of delicate bubbles. It has a powerful nose of exotic fruits, citrus and white flowers. On the palate, this nectar with yellow-fleshed fruit aromas is lifted by persistent, sophisticated bubbles that achieve a fine balance between tastiness and freshness.


Served chilled between 7° et 9°C (44° and 48°F), this fresh, tasty wine is great for aperitifs and desserts.

greatfood ideas


Epiphany cake with frangipane: instead of one treat, what could be better than two? The lively, fruity Muscat Demi-Sec is fit to crown kings and is therefore ideal for their cake !


Gorgonzola canapes: the fresh sweetness of the Muscat Demi-Sec is a pleasant contrast for the strong salty taste of this cheese with parsley.


Squid tagliatelle with Espelette pepper and lemon: the sweetness and explosive fruitiness of the Muscat Demi-Sec are a fine counterpoint for the iodine-based aromas of the squid.

Pays d’Oc is a vast mosaic of wine growing situations and conditions.
Roche Mazet picks out the places where the best of each grape variety is expressed and carefully blends them together with respect and great passion.

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